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  • طرح برنامه و پیش تولید
  • برنامه ریزی برای جمع آوری و مراجع
  • طراحی صفحه نمایش در Illustrator
  • آماده سازی آثار هنری برای After Effects
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عنوان دوره: Lynda After Effects: Creating a Mobile App Interface

مدت دوره: 2 ساعت و 21 دقیقه

نویسنده: Andy Needham


After Effects: Creating a Mobile App Interface

Andy Needham
2h 21m

Most apps follow the same interface design principles�principles defined in the iOS, Android, and Windows Phone specifications. Prototyping your interface with tools like Illustrator and After Effects can ensure your app meets platform guidelines and help you resolve usability issues before going through a lengthy development cycle.

In this course, Andy Needham shows how to create an app interface from scratch using Adobe Illustrator, and then take the finished design into After Effects for animation. This is a start-to-finish project, going from concept sketches to the final product (an animated GIF). The prototype will showcase the navigation and interactive aspects of the app interface and can be used for marketing or gathering client and user feedback.
Topics include:
Sketching ideas
Planning ahead: knowing your target output
Designing screens in Illustrator
Preparing artwork for After Effects
Creating reusable components
Building and animating screens
Adding transitions and gesture animations
Exporting the final sequence as an animated GIF

2m 52s
What you should know before watching
1m 13s
How to use the exercise files
1m 5s
1. App Plan and Pre-Production
7m 4s
The app creation
Plan for and gather references
1m 38s
Sketch out ideas
3m 8s
Choose the user journey
1m 45s
2. Explore the App Screens
10m 6s
Adobe Illustrator�s role in the process
1m 20s
Install the font for this project
Prepare artwork for After Effects
7m 49s
3. Prepare Assets for Animation in After Effects
37m 17s
Set up and import artwork
5m 14s
Create reusable components
4m 31s
Build the Dashboard tiles
6m 26s
Add final touches to the Dashboard tiles
5m 43s
Build the Dashboard screens
7m 25s
Add final touches to the remaining screens
7m 58s
4. Animate in After Effects
38m 9s
Animate the Dashboard elements
8m 9s
Add final touches to the Goal section
6m 57s
Animate the Steps screen
8m 29s
Animate the Friends screen
7m 50s
Create tap and swipe animations
6m 44s
5. Build and Export the Sequence
44m 51s
Swiping the Dashboard screens
8m 16s
Add finishing details, swipes, and taps
6m 51s
Add the scroll animation
8m 0s
Fix the header and footer
5m 2s
See the Friends screen and back to the Dashboard
11m 57s
Export the final sequence
4m 45s
1m 9s
Next steps