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کنفرانس 2014 موسسه OReilly کامل ترین مجموعه ویدئویی JavaScript و CSS و HTML

دسته بندی ها: آموزش CSS ، آموزش HTML ، آموزش طراحی وب ، آموزش جاوااسکریپت (Javascript) ، آموزش های OReilly


در کنفرانس موسسه OReilly در سال 2014 سه تکنولوژی HTML ، CSS و Javascript مورد بحث قرار گرفتند و هر بحث به صورت کامل آموزش داده شده اند.

در زمینه HTML5 تمامی مباحث مربوط به طراحی رابط گرافیکی، استفاده از ویژگی های جدید و ... آموزش داده شده است.

در زمینه CSS3 تمامی قابلیت های جدید CSS3 به همراه تکنیک های طراحی صفحات وب آموزش داده شده است.

در زمینه Javascript نیز کار با دستورات جاوااسکریپت، معرفی فریمورک های معروف مانند Node js و Angular js و ... آموزش داده شده است.

همچنین چندین مثال کاربردی در این زمینه ها در این دوره آموزشی قرار داده شده است.

این دوره آموزشی بیش از 25 گیگابایت حجم دارد و می توانید آن را بدون هیچ محدودیتی از مرجع تخصصی برنامه نویسی دانلود کنید.

سرفصل های دوره آموزشی:

  • معرفی دوره
  • کار با Node.js
  • کار با  Goodness از JavaScript
  • آموزش Kitt Hodsden
  • آموزش Web Components در Action
  • اصول AngularJS
  • ایجاد Interactives با D3.js
  • ایجاد 8-bit Game Music در Browser
  • استفاده از BladeRunnerJ  برای ساخت برنامه هایی با ساختار تماما جاوااسکریپت
  • مدیریت Code Risk در Twitter
  • یکپارچه سازی مستمر در JavaScript
  • ساخت برنامه های کاربردی Ambitious Web با Ember.js
  • مقدمه ای بر ExpressJS
  • الگوهای برنامه نویسی تابعی برای غیر ریاضیدان

لیست سرفصل های دوره آموزشی:

If you missed the 2014 Fluent Conference in San Francisco this past March, you can still take in every workshop, session, and keynote with this complete video compilation of the event. Catch up with this year’s lineup of speakers—seasoned pros as well as notable newcomers—as they share their experience and expertise on the emerging methods, tools, and technologies of the Web Platform: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, and more.

Learn the latest from experts including Mike Amundsen (Layer 7 Technologies), Brendan Eich (Mozilla), Kent Brewster (Pinterest), Alice Boxhall (Google), Tasneem Brutch (Samsung Research America), Brent Beer (GitHub), and dozens of others in the field. And learn about common attacks on web applications, the 10 top tips for using AngularJS, the secrets of React’s Virtual DOM, and many more absorbing topics.

Download these videos or stream them through our HD player, and explore workshops and sessions in 10 different tracks:

Front End Libraries The Server Side Node.js HTML5, CSS3, and Browser Tech Pure Code and JavaScript Mobile Tools, Platforms, and APIs The Leading Edge HTML5 Gaming UI/UX

JavaScript: Taking both the High and the Low Roads - Brendan Eich (Free Preview) 29 minutes

Reading, Writing, Arithmetic,... and JavaScript? - Pamela Fox (Free Preview) 10 minutes

Virtual Machines, JavaScript and Assembler - Scott Hanselman (Free Preview) 25 minutes

O'Reilly Web Platform Award Winners Announced (Free Preview) 4 minutes

The Humble Border-Radius - Lea Verou (Free Preview) 13 minutes

Speed, Performance, and Human Perception - Ilya Grigorik 15 minutes

Keynote with Paul Irish - Paul Irish 23 minutes

Keynote with Jen Simmons - Jen Simmons 12 minutes

Understand Your User's Experience - Christine Sotelo 3 minutes

Beyond Pushing "Play": Interactive, Data-driven Videos for a Web-based World - Susan E. McGregor 8 minutes

The Goodness of JavaScript - Aaron Frost and Dave Geddes 12 minutes

Keynote with Yehuda Katz and Tom Dale - Yehuda Katz and Tom Dale 23 minutes

Tutorials Automate All the Front-End Things! - Part 1 - Kitt Hodsden 44 minutes

Automate All the Front-End Things! - Part 2 - Kitt Hodsden 43 minutes

Web Components in Action - Part 1 - Michael Bleigh 55 minutes

Web Components in Action - Part 2 - Michael Bleigh 39 minutes

Web Components in Action - Part 3 - Michael Bleigh 42 minutes

WebRTC: Realtime Communication for Everyone - Part 1 - Lisa Larson-Kelley 38 minutes

WebRTC: Realtime Communication for Everyone - Part 2 - Lisa Larson-Kelley 39 minutes

Attacking Web Applications - Part 1 - Sasha Goldshtein 45 minutes

Attacking Web Applications - Part 2 - Sasha Goldshtein 37 minutes

AngularJS Fundamentals - Part 1 - Mark Bates 41 minutes

AngularJS Fundamentals - Part 2 - Mark Bates 48 minutes

AngularJS Fundamentals - Part 3 - Mark Bates 36 minutes

AngularJS Fundamentals - Part 4 - Mark Bates 46 minutes

Creating Interactives with D3.js - John Williams - Part 1 42 minutes

Creating Interactives With D3.js - John Williams - Part 2 22 minutes

Creating Interactives With D3.js - John Williams - Part 3 30 minutes

Creating Interactives With D3.js - John Williams - Part 4 34 minutes

JavaScript Smackdown! Choosing Your MVC between Angular, Ember, and Backbone - Part 1 - Brian Holt 37 minutes

JavaScript Smackdown! Choosing Your MVC between Angular, Ember, and Backbone - Part 2 - Brian Holt 1 hour 0 minutes

Sessions Polymer: Web Components in Action - Eric Bidelman 38 minutes

Leveling Up in Angular - Alicia Liu 24 minutes

Media APIs for the Web - Chris Wilson 34 minutes

Practical Workflows for ES6 Modules - Guy Bedford 36 minutes

Closing the Web Platform Gap with Native - Moh Haghighat 30 minutes

Design Strategies for JavaScript API - Ariya Hidayat 27 minutes

Interface Design Considerations for Data Visualization - Scott Murray 27 minutes

Technical and Social Progress Toward ECMAScript 6 at Facebook - Ben Newman 33 minutes

Measuring App Performance in the Browser - Nathan Taggart 25 minutes

Creating 8-bit Game Music in the Browser - Brian Rinaldi 27 minutes

Managing JavaScript Complexity in Teams - Jarrod Overson 30 minutes

Responsive Web Design with viewport and Other New CSS Features - Andreas Bovens 29 minutes

Callable Entities in ECMAScript 6 - Axel Rauschmayer 29 minutes

Debugging (AKA Screaming, Crying, and Raging) Your PhoneGap Apps - Raymond Camden 29 minutes

In Pursuit of the Holy Grail: Building Isomorphic JavaScript Apps - Spike Brehm 28 minutes

Where's My Straw? - Kyle Simpson 33 minutes

Building Customer Applications Using the Salesforce1 Platform APIs - Wade Wegner 29 minutes

Speed and Magic Sharding - Jesse Noller 29 minutes

Static Types are Overrated: The Dynamic Duo - Loose Types and Object Extension - Eric Elliott 30 minutes

Developing Web Graphics with WebGL - Tony Parisi 31 minutes

So Easy A Child Could Do It - Kathryn Rotondo 26 minutes

Using BladeRunnerJS to build front-end JavaScript apps that scale - Phil Leggetter 32 minutes

JavaScript Loves Unicode - Mathias Bynens 28 minutes

The Perception of Speed - Steve Souders 30 minutes

Inside JavaScript Execution - Chase Douglas 30 minutes

Code Risk Management at Twitter - Andres Ornelas 28 minutes

Continuous Integration in JavaScript - Rob Richardson 34 minutes

Everything is a Polyfill: Automate Deleting Code for Front End Performance - Rachel Myers and Emily Nakashima 32 minutes

jQuery-free JavaScript - Elijah Manor 29 minutes

Top Overlooked Security Threats To Node.js Web Applications - Chetan Karande 27 minutes

6 Bottles of RUM: Surprising Stories of Mobile Behavior in the Real World - Peter McLachlan 30 minutes

The Secrets of React's Virtual DOM - Pete Hunt 30 minutes

Invisible Visualization: Accessible Information Graphics on the Web - Doug Schepers 31 minutes

Reusable Libraries for Hypermedia Clients - Mike Amundsen 31 minutes

Measuring App Performance in the Browser - Nathan Taggart 31 minutes

The Mindblowing Power of Sass 3.3 - Chris Eppstein 33 minutes

Introduction to ExpressJS - Guy Ellis 33 minutes

Performance Tips when Developing with jQuery Mobile - Ralph Whitbeck 35 minutes

Building Ambitious Web Applications with Ember.js - Michael Jackson 35 minutes

Meteor: A Full-stack JavaScript Framework for Modern App Development - Matt DeBergalis 31 minutes

Frames Per Second - Paul Bakaus 30 minutes

Supercharge Your Mobile Emails - Lee Mallabone 32 minutes

Manipulating Space-Time Fabric by Rewriting Javascript AST - Nate Murray 28 minutes

Asynchronous Promises - Kris Kowal 34 minutes

AngularJS - Top 10 Tips - John Lindquist 28 minutes

UX Research Methods for API Design - Jeremiah Lee 30 minutes

JavaScript as a First-Class Citizen on iOS 7 - Kevin Whinnery 28 minutes

JavaScript and Embedded Devices - Jon McKay 27 minutes

Unpacking Technical Decisions - Sarah Mei 27 minutes

AngularJS And The Computer Science Of JavaScript - Burke Holland 29 minutes

Whirlwind Tour of Scalable Vector Graphics - Marc Grabanski 29 minutes

Leaflet, Node.JS, and MongoDB for a easy and fun web mapping experience - Steven Pousty 40 minutes

JavaScript, Linux and Open Hardware: A Recipe for Rapid Internet Devices - Jason Kridner 39 minutes

Designing for Front-End Page Speed - Lara Swanson 26 minutes

Functional Programming Patterns for the Non-Mathematician - Brian Lonsdorf 30 minutes

Tools and Techniques for Securing JavaScript Applications - Emily Stark 28 minutes

Writing Real Time Web Apps - Wesley Hales 31 minutes

GSS - Layouts Not Possible Even with Tomorrow's CSS Using Polyfills from the Future - Dan Tocchini 40 minutes

عنوان دوره: OReilly – Fluent Conference 2014 Complete Video Compilation JavaScript- CSS- HTML5 and Beyond حجم فایل: 26GB


OReilly Fluent Conference 2014 Complete Video Compilation

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