در این آموزش تصویری با نحوه نصب و کانفیگ وب سرور Apache در لینوکس آشنا می شوید.

این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسه LinuxCBT می باشد.

سرفصل های دوره:

  • معرفی Apache HTTPD
  • تعیین فایل سیستم URL 
  • تغییر مسیر
  • اتصال Apache HTTPD Server
  • Hosts های مجازی
  • بررسی دایرکتوری inheritence
  • ارزیابی رفتار Apache بر اساس درخواست client 
  • محدودیت دسترسی از دیدگاه های چندگانه
  • پیکربندی قوانین بازنویسی
  • اصلاح عبارات برای تولید backreferences
  • قوانین تست مقادیر در URL های مختلف
  • کاوش ورود داده ها
  • تاکتیک های بازنویسی SSL
  • و…

عنوان دوره: LinuxCBT HTTPD Edition
مدت زمان: 8 ساعت


Intro to Apache HTTPD - Web Services - Administration
    Introduction - Apache - Features
Identify key systems in topology
Discuss Key Apache Features
Enumerate and discuss other important features
Prepare systems for usage
Explore Apache Basics 
    URL | File-System Mappings
Consider applicable concepts
Explore defaults
Map URLs using a variety of methods
Compare and contrast mapping mechanisms
Enable Agents for Puppet Management
Evaluate accordingly
    Content Redirection
Discuss features and benefits
Implement various Redirects
Trace behavior in appropriate logs
Contrast Redirects and other forms of URL Handling
    Apache HTTPD Server - Bindings
Examine defaults on various systems
Discuss applicability
Provision various listeners
Contrast Bindings of various types
Create sockets as needed
Bind Apache resources to available sockets 
    Virtual Hosts
Explain applicability
Discuss limitations
Explore default configuration
Implement available Virtual Hosts
Confirm accessibility from various clients
Evaluate Virtual Hosts configuration 
    HTACCESS - Files-Based Directives Control
Discuss applicabilitiy
Explore caveats and limitations
Implement .htaccess for appropriate content
Examine directory inheritence
Modify .htaccess from FTP client perspective
    Content Negotiation
Discuss sample usage scenarios
Examine default provisions
Tweak configuration to handle various content types
Evaluate Apache behavior based on client requests
Modify configuration to suit current needs
Evaluate results 
      Content Restrictions - Filtration
Discuss features and benefits
Identify predefined restrictions
Test restrictions accordingly
Implement desirable filters
Examine access restraints from multiple perspectives
Confirm configurations 
    Mod Rewrite - Introduction
Discuss features and benefits
Contrast simple Rewrites with Redirects
Identify key opportunities for application
Configure sample Rewrite Rules
Evaluate results 
    Mod Rewrite - Backreferences
Explain applicability within context
Generate example Regular Expressions (RegExes)
Modify expressions to generate backreferences
Reference stored matches accordingly
Examine behavior based on matched references
Alter references to suit changing conditions
Confirm results
Contrast backreferences from multiple directives
Implement various applicable backreferences
    Mod Rewrite - Rewrite Condition
Discuss features and benefits
Explore possibilities to stack logic
Generate stacks of conditions
Implement resulting RewriteRule accordingly
Evaluate results of stacked logic
Alter Rewrite logic to handle ORs
Examine application
Mix and match logic to handle common scenarios
Test Rewrites accordingly
    Mod Rewrite - Query String
Discuss caveats and limitations
Identify possible usage scenarios
Trap Query String accordingly
Release Query String and test Rewrite processing
Sanitize Query String for interesting requests
Test sanitized rules on various URLs
Apply Query String modifications to suit needs
    Mod Rewrite - Logging | Debugging
Discuss features and benefits
Explore Logging range and resulting data
Correlate Rewrite rules to Log entries to ensure sanity
Confirm appropriate Rewrite rules-handling
Evaluate results 
    Mod Rewrite - Force SSL
Pose applicability scenario
Force SSL for sensitive content area
Confirm application of Rewrite rules
Force SSL for all site operations
Discuss tactics regarding limited scope SSL Rewrites
Evaluate Rewrite Rules

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