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عنوان دوره: Lynda C# Design Patterns

مدت دوره: 1 ساعت و 22 دقیقه

نویسنده: Reynald Adolphe


C# Design Patterns

Reynald Adolphe
1h 22m

Implementing design patterns in C# keeps code clean, concise, and easy to maintain.Using design patterns establishes consistency that helps developers build and modify code safely and avoid common architecting problems. Being able to recognize design patterns expedites the process of understanding an existing system. Using design patterns improves code readability and testability, while making it more extensible.
In this course, developer and technologist Reynald Adolphe explains the purpose and effective use of eight design patterns, including six Gang of Four design patterns and two .Net patterns. Gang of Four patterns fall under three categories: structural, creational, and behavioral. Reynald helps you learn about select patterns from each category. He describes each pattern and demonstrates how programmers can leverage them in real-world applications.
Topics include:
Factory Method
Abstract Factory
Singleton pattern
Decorator pattern
Iterator pattern
Observer pattern
Repository pattern
Unit of Work pattern

2m 48s
1m 28s
What you should know
Using the exercise files
1. Overview
4m 25s
Design patterns explained
1m 19s
The need for design patterns
1m 31s
Design pattern categories
1m 35s
2. Factory Method
5m 52s
Factory Pattern overview
1m 36s
Code the Factory pattern
4m 16s
3. Abstract Factory
10m 7s
Abstract Factory overview
2m 5s
Write Abstract Factory code for Citi
3m 5s
Write Abstract Factory code for National
1m 46s
Abstract Factory provider and client
3m 11s
4. Singleton Pattern
11m 52s
Singleton pattern overview
1m 44s
Code with the Singleton pattern
7m 26s
Thread safety
2m 42s
5. Decorator Pattern
8m 13s
Decorator pattern overview
2m 54s
Concrete Component code
2m 37s
Concrete Decorator code
2m 42s
6. Iterator Pattern
9m 0s
Iterator pattern overview
2m 0s
Aggregate setup
2m 7s
Iterator setup and execution
4m 53s
7. Observer Pattern
7m 56s
Observer pattern overview
2m 22s
Subject, Observer / Concrete Observer
2m 11s
Concrete Subject code
3m 23s
8. Repository Pattern
16m 19s
Repository pattern overview
MVC Project setup
8m 14s
Convert to a Repository pattern
4m 38s
Create a Generic Repository
2m 29s
9. Unit of Work Pattern
5m 30s
Unit of Work pattern overview
1m 37s
Convert to Unit of Work
3m 53s
Next Steps