در این آموزش تصویری با نحوه راه اندازی و کانفیگ IPv6 در ویندوز آشنا می شوید.

این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسه Pluralsight است.

سرفصل های این دوره:

  • مدیریت IPv6 در سیستم عامل ویندوز
  • کنترل بیشتر
  • تعامل با SLAAC
  • در مورد DHCPv6
  • DNSIPv6 در ویندوز
  • سیستم عامل ویندوز و رفتار با IPv6
  • و…

عنوان دوره: Pluralsight IPv6 and Microsoft Windows

مدت دوره: 3 ساعت و 54 دقیقه

نویسنده: Ed Horley

Pluralsight IPv6 and Microsoft Windows

Ed Horley
3h 54m

This course is how to use IPv6 in Windows and how IPv6 network functions like DNS, DHCP and IPAM are used. It will also cover how to set up IPv6 on a Windows host.

Managing IPv6 in the Windows OS
28m 21s
0m 42s
Obtaining, Releasing, Renewing, and Removing an IPv6 Address in Windows
3m 39s
GUI Demo
6m 9s
Command Prompt
5m 35s
4m 56s
Challenges and Frustrations
6m 32s
0m 44s
I Want More Control!
48m 20s
0m 47s
I Run Servers with Static IPv4, Can I Do That with IPv6?
8m 30s
I Only Allow DHCP in IPv4, Can I Do DHCPv6 Only in IPv6?
2m 41s
I Need to Coordinate My Hosts IPv4 and IPv6 Information, How?
5m 1s
I Want to Define Which Protocol Is Preferred!
4m 39s
I Don't like Privacy Addresses, Can I Turn That Off?
6m 49s
I Don't like Temporary Addresses, Can I Turn That Off Too?
6m 51s
How Do I Figure out if My Hosts Are Using the Right Default Gateway?
4m 55s
How Can I Control the Routing Table of the Host in IPv6?
5m 30s
What Am I Going to Be Upset About with IPv6?
1m 29s
Summary 1m 3s
How Do I Deal with This SLAAC Thing?
48m 18s
0m 23s
What Is SLAAC?
2m 59s
What Is the Difference Between Stateless and Stateful?
3m 56s
Why Would I Ever Use SLAAC at All?
1m 50s
What if I Run SLAAC with DHCPv6?
1m 31s
Tears of Frustration 5m 40s
How the Home Will Be Different Than the Enterprise
1m 20s
How to Protect Your Enterprise Network
5m 15s
Why You Shouldn't Use Windows Server as a Router
2m 17s
Demo Time � SLAAC: Stateful, Stateless & RA
22m 38s
SLAAC Summary
0m 24s
What About DHCPv6, Shouldn't I Use That?
40m 23s
0m 34s
How Is DHCPv6 Different from DHCP?
6m 26s
How to Set up DHCPv6 in Windows Server
4m 32s
What Information Do You Need to Provide the DHCPv6 Windows Server?
6m 24s
What You Have to Set up on Your L3 IPv6 Router to Enable DHCPv6
5m 39s
Setting up Reservations for IPv6
5m 46s
Confirming Things Are Working on the DHCPv6 Server
4m 28s
Integration of Windows DHCPv6 with IPAM
3m 28s
DHCPv6 Integration with DNS
1m 3s
DHCPv6 Challenges
1m 16s
0m 42s
IPv6 DNS in Windows
29m 33s
0m 24s
New Record Type and PTR Zone
2m 59s
How to Use Nslookup and Dig to Test DNS
4m 30s
How to Set up DNS in Windows Server
11m 6s
Confirming Things Are Working in DNS
8m 42s
Why DNS Is Your Friend for IPv6
1m 2s
IPv6 DNS Summary
0m 47s
Windows OS Specific Behavior and IPv6
39m 18s
0m 39s
OS Version Specific Differences
2m 29s
Why RFC 3484 and 6724 Will Impact the OS Behavior
6m 34s
Why You Should Standardize on 6724
1m 59s
How Happy Eyeballs Behavior Is Implemented in Windows
1m 53s
What Is NCSI?
3m 15s
What Happens if I Am Running Both IPv4 and IPv6?
1m 24s
Demo Time - NCSI, Source Address Selection, Protocol Selection
20m 34s
0m 26s