در این دوره ی آموزشی یاد می گیرید که چگونه به کمک PHP ,  Apache و htaccess آدرسهای URL خود را پاک و کوتاه کنید.

نقش URL ها در سایت خیلی مهم است و سبب می شود سایت از نظر کاربران و موتورهای جستجو ( SEO ) خواناتر باشد.

این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسه Lynda است.

سرفصل های این دوره:

  • چک کردن نصب Apache
  • ایجاد عبارات منظم
  • از بین بردن PHP از آدرس ها
  • جایگزینی رشته پرس و جو
  • نمایش پاکسازی URL در نتایج جستجو
  • لینک کردن به بخش هایی از یک صفحه وب
  • ایجاد یک URL تمیز برای هر فایل PHP
  • و…

عنوان دوره: Lynda Clean PHP URLs on Apache Server

مدت دوره: 1 ساعت و 35 دقیقه

نویسنده: David Powers


Clean PHP URLs on Apache Server

David Powers
1h 35m

Clean URLs are great. They're elegant, easier to remember, and more user friendly than dynamic URLs. But the primary reason to use clean URLs is for SEO: to make it easier for search engines to index your site. This translates to better search results and increased page visits. Find out how to reap the benefits of clean URLs in your PHP code, in this course with PHP expert David Powers.
Rather than checking URLs individually, David shows how to evaluate and update them sitewide with the Apache mod_rewrite module. Watch these tutorials to learn how to enable mod_rewrite on your server, understand the structure of mod_rewrite rules, remove unnecessary file extensions, convert query strings into readable numbers and text, and use rewrite maps to look up complex values without regular expressions. Plus, learn how to enhance search results and provide searchers with links to specific parts of a webpage.
Topics include:
Checking your Apache setup
Creating simple regular expressions
Removing .php from URLs
Replacing query strings
Displaying clean URLs in search results
Linking to parts of a webpage
Creating a clean URL for any PHP file

6m 13s
1m 6s
What you should know before watching this course
1m 24s
Using the exercise files
3m 43s
1. Checking Your Setup
10m 44s
Testing whether Apache mod_rewrite is enabled
3m 42s
Enabling mod_rewrite in the Apache configuration file
2m 42s
Setting up the database for the example site
4m 20s
2. Basic URL Rewriting
29m 39s
How to use mod_rewrite
3m 40s
Creating simple regular expressions
3m 18s
Removing .php from the URL
6m 37s
Working with a nonexistent directory
4m 27s
Replacing a query string with a numeric value
4m 17s
Replacing a query string with a text value
4m 55s
Using RewriteBase
2m 25s
3. Advanced Techniques
44m 14s
Creating a clean URL for search results
6m 19s
Displaying the search results
5m 20s
Linking to a specific part of a page
7m 3s
Setting conditions for rewriting URLs
2m 52s
Creating a clean URL for any PHP file
3m 59s
Using RewriteMap with a text file
7m 43s
Using an indexed hash file with RewriteMap
6m 12s
Increasing the log level to troubleshoot problems
4m 46s
5m 8s
4m 38s